Becoming an Ally

Do you want to play a part in sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace that is welcoming and supportive of your LGBT+ colleagues? If so, please sign up to become an Ally by submitting your email address below. We encourage you to participate, learn and engage, regardless of whether you already confidently identify as an Ally, or are just starting out and have more questions than answers.

To become an Ally and get your desk tent to display, please complete your IHS Markit email address below and click the button.

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Thank you for choosing to support your LGBT+ colleagues and helping make IHS Markit a visibily more inclusive worksplace.

Pride@IHS Markit will be in touch!

Read the great Straight for Equality Guide to being a Straight Ally

Pride@IHS Markit: the LGBT+ network for colleagues of all gender identities and sexual orientations